Cornelia Considered Moments

Short on time, but long for luxurious care? Lunchtime, late day or last minute, these sensational services at our NYC luxury spa are available in a New York 30 minutes…

Mini Facial - Deep cleanse, tighten and moisturize for a “quick lift” that makes you look so fresh.

Mini Back Purifier - Treat your back with the utmost care just as you would your face. Simulating a facial, we cleanse, exfoliate, and treat specific skin conditions.

Reflexology - The best foot rub to indulge and soothe you physically and mentally. Top Tier Massage - A special treat focused on the neck and shoulders –starts with loving hands releasing tension and finishes with ‘…aaahhh that felt great.”

Honey Skin Smoother - An abbreviated exfoliation and hydration treatment to keep you glowing, youthful and irresistibly touchable.

To schedule a Considered Moment service at our NYC luxury spa, please request an appointment.