An exquisite blend of pampering and healing is the hallmark of CORNELIA Body. These lavish indulgences unwind your body clock and help find its natural rhythm. These inviting choices smooth, stimulate, and recharge your entire being. t the close of your treatment enjoy Cornelia’s Signature Cooling Caress. Aromatherapy, on a cool neck towel, paired with a sorbet amuse bouche delivers a subtly layered scent and taste combination that awakens the senses.

Honey Harmony
Unveil the Silkiest Skin Imaginable
Honey is nature’s dessert for the body and one of the most ancient of healing remedies. This Cornelia ‘Classic’ envelops you in a blend of finely ground mineral-rich French Sea Salts, aromatic essences of the world’s finest artisanal honey, and fragrant citrus. This rare treat refines and nourishes every inch of you unveiling flawless, younger-looking skin. A soothing, light application of hydrating emulsion leaves your body velvety smooth, radiant, and deeply moisturized.
60 minutes

Champagne & Pearl Sugar Glow
Delicate body polish and soothing hydration
Champagne and Pearls are well-loved classics often seen together on luxurious occasions. Cornelia celebrates this timeless partnership with a treatment that is as delightful as the romantic images it evokes. Luxuriate in Mother of Pearl Powder as it gently removes cellular build-up to reveal satiny skin that is polished and soft. Followed with a warm Champagne Shimmer oil to hydrate, silken, and add a natural sparkle to your body contours. The finishing touch, a facial application of gold serum blended with pearl powder and age-defying actives, to restore moisture and promote a natural radiance. We leave you lustrous from head to toe.
60 minutes

The Purist: A Dual Detoxification Treatment
Firm, slim, and detoxify
The Fountain of Youth promised the world immortality with the notion of bathing and drinking in its magical waters. Cornelia has captured this dream in a uniquely luxurious, and remarkably effective detoxification ritual designed to maximize physical and mental clarity. This healing treatment helps return the body to its balanced alkaline state where disease cannot flourish and your sense of well-being is increased. Experience two hours of targeted attention.

Phase I - The Exfoliate and Masque Release
Begin with a luxurious cleansing to prepare your body to fully absorb the ingredients of our detoxifying wrap. Exfoliation with French Sea Salts and Honey is followed by an application of soothing seaweed concentrates. We wrap you in a delicious body masque of sea plants, herbs, and essential oils and, you rest, experience our tender touch with a luscious scalp massage.

Phase II - The Aqua Draw and Anti-Oxidant Cleanse
Step into a lavish soak of warm waters infused with marine salts blended with anti-oxidant ginger, wild marjoram and dandelion. Sip our detoxifying tea and nibble on a dollop of our tantalizing honey, rich in herbs and flowers, that continues the cleansing process from the inside out. As your body is detoxified, excess water retention and toxins are released to help restore a slimmer silhouette. Stretch back out to enjoy a warm lemon and mint nutrient-rich finishing crème that revives the skin’s tone and elasticity. Complete the experience with our ‘Super Food’ elixir of pure plant extracts blended with fruit juice and served ‘straight up’. A Cornelia mixture to help rebalance your body chemistry and strengthen your immune system.
2 Hours: Recommended in a series of three treatments for maximum effectiveness

Purifying Back Treatment
This treatment targets a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne and dry skin. An Enzymatic Deep Pore Sea Exfoliator and skin purifying masque treat your back to reveal new skin that is deeply cleansed, thoroughly smoothed, and intensely moisturized.
60 minutes