Cornelia Nature Tea and Honey

Cornelia Tea
Cornelia Tea Collection is a unique collection of therapeutic and results-oriented treatment infusions that address specific conditions and concerns. Inspired by the knowledge that real well being begins from the inside, the Cornelia Tea Collection was formulated to enhance and supplement the Cornelia preventative and corrective skin and body treatments. Over 85 medicinal-grade herbs are hand-picked, hand-cut and hand-blended. The Cornelia Natural Tea collection encompasses drinking, soaking and specialty teas designed to be used individually or in conjunction with one another for maximum results.

Cornelia Signature Honey
Cornelia ‘varietal’ honey is gathered from a single type of blossom. The honey is sustainably harvested and 100% pure. Honey is an ancient healing remedy and feature significantly throughout the Cornelia treatments and touch points. Honey is served with each guests’ first treatment as a sweet welcoming gesture, and in treatments for its purifying benefits. The Cornelia Honey flavor varies to reflect the blossoms that are in season. Honey is sourced from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, to the hills of Tuscany in order to ensure a honey that is pure, elegant in texture, high in quality and flavorful.